Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing Apartment 24 rooms

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Amazing.. Brilliant...
That's the perfect label to this amazing apartment and brilliant idea from it author which is the owner of this tiny apartment. Marvelous la doh.. how can this man can think to transform it house to this cool apartment?

Apartments are small and expensive in Hong Kong, so architect Gary Chang designed his 344 square foot unit to change into 24 different designs, just by sliding walls and panels around. He even calls it a "Domestic Transformer."

Amazing isn't it? Slide there slide here.. haha.. what a house. I wish this guy can create one for me as a gift. Gift? Lol.. ^_^ And I also wish that we Malaysian can have such a creative idea as this guy. Oh ya.. enjoy this clips. :)

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  1. wow. sure la hebat dis person.
    y he don want build a bungalow..
    btw , thx fo sharing.

  2. amazing!!!!!!
    pandai memanfaatkan ruang yang ada...
    nampak besar rumah dia padahal rumah flat je..

  3. gila penat perempuan nak kalih-kalih slide tu...huhu

    tapi design memang mantap habis :)

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