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Facebook Profile Perfect Link

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Hi there,
maybe some of us already know about this, but I actually know this just now haha what a noob. All right, what is this about? Perfect Link? I don't know the exact word for this topic but I just want to tell you guys how to make your facebook easy link such as:
instead of bla bla bla kan?

with this perfect easy link, easy for us to tell our friends to visit our facebook and add us.. no need to waste their time to search2 anymore la kan..

ok.. now let's start our tutorial.

First, click on Account > Account Settings

In Account Settings, you'll see lot of option and tabs. Make sure you are in "Settings" tab.

And as you can see, there's setting for Name, Username, Email etc..

Now click "change" link on Username settings. Then just choose or enter your new username for it and click on "Check Availability".

If you set the username as "gajahhandsome", your profile link will be

Make sure you choose the correct username because you can only change your username once. No turning back! hahaha..

So.. if you guys still confuse or have any question, feel free to ask ^_^

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  1. Nice tutorial you got here, keep it up dude :), from kyo.

  2. dah! berjaya! hehehe thanks gajahputihandsome ;)

  3. thx... baru tau la.. kiranya, noob la aq nie? hahah

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