Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Make Colourful Link

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Hello blogger ^_^
Have you heard about colourful link? a.k.a rainbow link? Well it's actually when you point your mouse over any link provided in blog writing, the text will change the colour automatically. Ok, now try point your mouse on link below:

See? The text colour keep changing rite? ^_^ How to make this? Secret.. haha.. kidding.. All right.. just follow this step:-

1. Log in to your blogger account
2. Go to Design > Edit HTML
3. Tick / Check the "Expand Widget Templates" box
4. Then, find this code:-

5. Copy this code:-

6. Paste the no.5 code below the no.4 code.
7. And when you done, Save your template. Then view your blog and test if it working or not. Good luck ^_^

*P/S - If it's not working, try to paste the script above the "</head>"

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  1. wah..
    very nice la bro..
    thx for sharing2!

  2. thanks for sharing! cool~ ;)

  3. sy dah buat!
    berjaya!! terima kasih :D

  4. ye saye tak buat lagi... nnt nak buat jugak

  5. O.o.. I guess this one is easy enough. Did you follow the step properly?

    First, just find the "</head>" inside the "Edit HTML", then just paste the script code above it.

  6. yepp. but, it said

    We were unable to save your template

    More than one widget was found with id: HTML2. Widget IDs should be unique.


  7. oh.. that must be problem by others.. not from this "colorful link" script.. but I'll try help you on this..

    maybe you still remember what the other thing you have add in template previously? try to find word "HTML2" and see if there's same code and delete it. I'm afraid that you've paste the code twice and it make an error.

    if you can't solve it.. let me know and I'll ask you to send your template to my email :)

  8. hey. do you have ym? i've found the code. butm i didnt paste it twice.

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