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Me? Chinese?

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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual society. Figures from 2007 show the population consisting of 62% Bumiputeras (including indigenous people), 24% Chinese, 8% Indians, with other minorities along with foreigners (mostly semi-skilled workers). Ethnic tensions have been volatile in recent months in tandem with the rising temperature of the political scenario in the country.

What about me? Haha.. of course I'm Malay and I'm Muslim. Honestly to say that there's something special about me especially my face-look. Since I was young boy I already heard the same statement on me. I like to call it word 4 which is "I thought you Chinese".
More specific, I'm Chinese look alike.

At the beginning, things become more complicated when I keep thinking back of what people ask to me.

"You got Chinese blood ka?"
"Maybe your granpa or granma Chinese?"
and more funny when got people ask "Maybe you adopted child?".

Haiyo.. how come they got lot of question in their mind? Well, for me this is normal. There's a lot of Malays here that doesn't look like Malay, Chinese doesn't look like Chinese, and also Indian that doesn't look like Indian.

When I was form 4 and schooling at Langkawi Technical School, Kedah.. my friends do call me as "Apek". Even my teachers also call me so. And now when I'm here at UTHM, my friends keep calling me "Cina".. Mat Cina.. haha.. funny is it? Well that's the fact.

Actually, sometimes it's fun to have something special inside us even me myself never feel that I'm Chinese look when I look at myself through mirror or photos. Well, I'm proud of myself and thanks to God (Allah s.w.t) coz he give me such a complete "human". I can talk, walk properly, run, think, laugh, and do all what normal people can do.

My pic? haiyo.. sorry la.. secret maa.. low profile ^_^

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