Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Look Again!

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salamz & greeting to all..

again new look! new layout! new design! new stuff! what more can I say? all new except me..I'm still the old and same person ^_^

oh yeah.. actually I'm getting bored with my previous blog layout and that forced me to make something new that whenever I visit my own blog, I'll never feel something lack from it.

So, I also got my new "mission" where from now I'll start blogging using English and at the same time I hope this will improve my "very bad" English.

In other point of view, I'll not only write about myself in this blog. That's mean I'll try to share more and lot of thing that I can. As you can see, I've create my own "banner pic" in main page where it show some message like "Get connected with members", "Movies" etc.. and with the "main message" I hope that people who visit this blog will know what is my objective and at the same time hope it will make "them" interested.

Movies, sports, magazine, novel, cartoon, and some related to Islamic will be my "feed" here. Hope that I really can handle this which mean I have a time to update as many as I can on this blog. Beside that, if you guys had any idea or comment kindly please mail to me at

Final word - Keep smiling during your surfing time ^_^

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