Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Template designer using Draft Blogger

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Blogger has now launched a new Template Designer along with 15 new default templates. All of these templates are highly customizable Each of them comes with different layouts and you can modify and redesign your template without much knowledge of CSS and HTML

How To switch to a new Template and use the Template Designer

1.Login to Http://Draft.Blogger.Com

2. Click on the Layout Tab and you will find a new Template Designer Tab there

3. Click that and you will be taken to the new Template Designer.

4. There you will find 15 new templates to choose from . You can see the Live Preview there.

5. The Template designer comes with a cool set of customizers.There are plenty of images to choose from. You can change the layout(1 column, 2 column etc) and you can change almost everything on the template.

You can adjust the Width of the Columns by using simple Sliders and adjust the colours fonts etc.

So just try it out. you are gonna love it..
Hope to see more and more templates being coded in such a way that they can be edited using the designer..

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  1. tp kan..templates yg sis tgh guna nie..tak boleh support plug in blogger draft tue..

    nak tkr satu kemalasan mau edit2..hehehe

  2. tu la pasal.. sama la dengan gajah sbb guna custom template.. klo guna template yg dia bg leh la nk edit² guna Template Designer tu ^_^

  3. I like to design but I have no designer skill

  4. yang malehnyer bile tuko template kene arrange balik seme mende...uhuk2..

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