Wednesday, June 16, 2010

300th Follower!

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Holla all! Salamz..
Woah! Finally, gajahwhite blog now have 300 followers.. thanks thanks and thank you so much. A big appreciate to all of you who visit this blog. Same word, without you guys I don't think this blog will reach this level.

As usual, every hundred follower, I usually give a reward. Same as this 300th follower, I've create an award for this person. Give a big claps to..

300th Follower
Lucky person: Anak Jati


Congratulation to Anak Jati and thank you so much to all!

If you have any comments, ideas, or questions, you may post it >HERE<

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  1. wah..
    untung anakjati ya!
    ur welcome abg gajah..hehe

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