Monday, June 7, 2010

Zionist Inside Your PC!

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Salams and hellow to all..
You are Windows OS user? You have Microsoft Office in your PC? If yes, did you know that there is a picture of "Zionist Victory" included in it? If not, now I'll let you guys know. I just read about this from somewhere. Then I've try to check by myself and yes it's true. I found it, I found the picture.

All right, now you guys try find it in your own PC. Follow this step:-
1. Open My Computer
2. Go to C:\
3. Program Files > Microsoft Office > Media > CAGCAT10
4. Inside CAGCAT10 folder, find file name J0285926.WMF

It's a clip art format for Microsoft Office. Double click on it and it will view using Paint application. And there you will see a "Zionist Victory" drawing. If you don't like it, you may delete it (doesn't effect your Microsoft Office). And if you want to keep it, depend on you.

What more can I say? Hope, all country over the world will stand together to stop this Zionist Israeli terrorism.

Not Anti-Jewish, but Anti-Zionist.
Not Hamas' Pro, but mindful with Palestine people.

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  1. yup!hand in hand!hentikan kekejaman zionist!!!

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