Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adidas Jabulani, The Worst Soccer Ball?

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Hi guys..
World Cup fever almost at the final destination. And there's a lot of drama during the event. Problem with FIFA referee, the vuvuzela thing that make loud of noise, and also the best conflict is with the ball. Adidas Jabulani.

If you are the football lover, you already know that lots of football player complaining about the ball since World Cup didn't start yet. But why it still use during the event? Haha.. that's mean they complaining for nothing.

Ok, here I found some clips showing that how terrible the ball is. I don't know if it's fake or not. But I wish I can try by myself, kicking the true original Jabulani ball. The one I always saw at shot with price below RM100 is not the real one I guess. Hehe.. grade C maybe ^_^.

Alright, enjoy this clip...

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  1. If i not mistaken ... this ball give problem to the goalkeeper....

  2. i guess this is good ball... there are so many specatcular goal in this world cup because of this ball

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