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Add Favicon to blogger

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Salam and greeting..
Well I'm sure some of you know what is favicon mean. But most of us don't know about it right? For easiest way to let you guys know, just check this screen shot

Ok.. so now you all know what is favicon right? Yup same like my blog, I also using the favicon. Let's skip to the tutorial on how to add the favicon to your own blog.

1. You need your own logo which it must be in format *.ico, *.png or *.gif (other format I never try yet)

2. Upload the image on any picture hosting such as photobucket, imageshack etc..

3. Log in to your

4. Go to "Layout" section then choose "Edit HTML"

Ok.. now this gonna be a little hard step for beginners, well make sure you have backup on your previous template. Let's proceed to next step

1. In "Edit HTML" section, find this code

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2. Then add this code below that code (above)

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Copy code below:
<link href='http://YOUR-IMAGE-LINK/image.png' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='http://YOUR-IMAGE-LINK/image.png' rel='icon'/>

3. Replace the "ICON FILE URL" with your icon link that you've upload it as I told you to do that before. (

That's it.. easy right? if you have any problem or question, feel free to leave your comment here, I'll try to answer if I can. Don't worry, you can use Malay if you want :)

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  1. *.gif xley pown..puas da try sume coding link,HTML link,IMG code sume..xmau jd pown..><

  2. herm.. pastikan dua code tu berbeza dia pnya "rel".. satu rel='shortcut icon' dan satu lagi rel='icon'

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