Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kedai Makan Sedap Group!

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Facebook been some tool that make people easy to connect to each other. Friends and stranger.. group.. fans.. all we can get from facebook. Ok now, talk about group... I would like to share with you guys about this one superb fantastic group. Well for me its cool and hope its same to you guys too ^_^

Kedai Makan Sedap is the name of this group. Create by Munzir which he's my friend since I was 13's.. Ok maybe you guys wanna know what does this group for? The main objective of course the creator want to share about the best restaurant, the best food and also wanna let the members of the group keep sharing too.. Let's make it clear, here's some info of this group:-

Host: Facebook
Page Link:!/group.php?gid=331284333671
Privacy Type: Open (Public)
Screen shot:

Main view

Kedai Makan Sedap Group

So, it will be my pleasure to invite you guys who got your own FB to join this group and let share about nice restaurant or other place that have their good menu's? Or maybe you guys own a cafe or restaurant? Let's share with us.. ^_^

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