Sunday, May 2, 2010

Citcat Superb!

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Dictionary.. translation.. this is the most important things that I need every time English come meet me. During surfing net, study, watching movies, and other that related to English. Why? Coz I'm not too good in English. Why? Coz my main language is Bahasa Malaysia. Yehuu proud to be Malaysian.

Oopps.. ok stop. To improve our english, dictionary & translation system may help us. And now we have lot of company, website, forum, host.. that give a service on translation things. No need to waste your time to check every each word using dictionary. Talk about translation and dictionary, I'm regular user for translation system. I've been use it from it still in BETA mode and now it already full version I guess.

Citcat old version

Citcat new version

I would like to thanks to coz keep their services alive. It help me much. Thanks to all the staff of You guys are really cool ^_^

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