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FB Poker Zynga Trick?

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Talking about Facebook, there's a lot of entertainment tool inside it. Games, group etc.. and talk about Facebook games, most popular games supposed to be Mafia Wars, Farm ville, and of course Poker Zynga and also there's a lot of game inside Facebook.

Well, honestly to said that I do really enjoy play Poker and I love that game but I never play in the real world coz it's forbidden in Islam ^_^ Chips is everything in this poker game, beside that skills and knowledge also needed to play it. But the main things in this game is "LUCK" hehe..

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So, let's start out lesson. There's NO CHEATS !!! NO HACKS !!! NO BOTS !!! in this trick. Read and understand about it ^_^

1. Magic Card
Discover the hands of your existing card. You are lucky if you have the following AA, AK, JK, 10K, 5K, J10, J5. All in and win. But remember magic card not always win

2. Special GIFT
Know your opponent. Don’t worry if your level lower than your oppenent when u have the expensive gift. But this trick usually been understood by the players who have a high level, coz they always change your expensive gift to another cheap gift for example tissue which cost only $10 . But u can try if you play with a beginner level.

3.GOOD Position
Get to know your opponent sitting position. This tricks i always use.. If you are playing with a full table of players, then the best position to sit is in the right position Zynga Girl (No 2 seats). Usually the card comes is better than others. But remember, if you’ve won 2x in a row directly STAND UP and then sit back on the table or search for a new table.This trick is nice to try.

4.Create another FB account
Make your shadow FB account. Perfect more than 2 accounts. Find the table that had only 5 player seats . Play 4 accounts at once. How to do? certainly many who ask this. The trick u must use different browser for example Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and other browsers. Then wait for victim came to the 5th and play. U can see your card because u have 4 players in one table. This trick guaranteed win..

5.Play SITnGO
Like tricks 4, this tricks also use the shadow FB account. To do this tricks u must play in SITnGO. What it is SITnGO? SITnGO is a poker game tournament model which free of charge according to tariff 1K to 1M, but the chips at the table when u play only 1000. The winner is who can survive until the end. Imagine if the winners is our 3 FB accounts. We have a chance to win all the position 1, 2, and 3. Awesome isnt?

Sorry for my bad english. See u at my another zynga poker tricks revealed. Enjoy ^_^

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