Sunday, May 2, 2010

Google Office?

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Hey ya..
just now right after finished watching Chuck season 2 episode 3, I surf around net and found this cool picture show the environment of Google Office. It's really cool and as we can see I'm sure the design of the office will make pressure of it worker less. Let's view this cool office:

if Google offer me to work there, of course I'll accept it.. but if it's depend on the $$$(RM) too haha.. enjoy viewing guys ^_^

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  1. already watching chuck season 3 episode 14. Wow...nice office, wish i can works here.

  2. actually im late to "layan" the chuck series.. i tot its bored story, then many of my friends "layan" it.. then i try to watch it also la ^_^

  3. best wooo, chuck series ni sebab ada cerita pasal subliminal image data memory. tu yang saya pun dok layan, lagi satu crita supernatural tu

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