Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hot! 2 in 1..

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Sorry for the delay.. well I've two announcement to make here which is about "Spot Me" contest and also about this blog followers..

First of all, let me thanks to all of you coz give a perfect support to my blogs. For those who join my contest, and also for those who become this blog follower. I do appreciate with all your supportive.

1st announcement...
I would like to congrats to ++Khadijah Zek++ where she become my 200th follower! Weehuu.. I'm so happy coz at 3rd May, I got 100 follower and it turn to 200 follower when 6th May, that was fast. Thanks to all of you ^_^

200th Follower
Winner: ++Khadijah Zek++

Woooot woooot.. let's go to the 2nd announce..
For "Spot Me Contest", please give a clap to our winner sofiYy khanYm! Clap clap clap! Yeehuuu... as promises, I'll put his blog URL in "Awesome Members" column and also he'll received my award as Awesome Members. Congratulations dude ^_^

The correct answer for "Spot Me Contest" is.. 21.. muahaha.. ^_^

Spot Me Contest
Winner: sofiYy khanYm
Answer for the contest: 21

Again, thanks to all of you who visit my blogs especially to my followers. Thanks thanks thanks.. ^_^ Hope to see you guys till the end of my journey as a blogger. :D

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