Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spot Me Contest

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Hellow world ^_^
I'm kind a busy this week but good thing, I just "flashed" to make a contest for you guys. What kind of contest? Easy.. all you need to do is to spot/guess which one of this photo is me. To be easy, I already add numbers there so that you can just pick them.

1. Post the answer using the "comment post"
2. Only 1 number allowed to choose.
3. Only 1 post can be done by 1 person.
4. The first person who post with the correct "answer/number" will be the winner.
5. The contest is still open if there's no winner.

Winner's advantage:
1. Will rewarded an "Awesome Member" logo by me.
2. Will be allowed to advertise (X-Change) his blog in my blog.

Reward (1)

Reward (2)

Well, here's the photo that you need spot me. There's 21 person in this photo and 21 numbers to be select. Remember only select 1 number. Let's view the photo:

click on image to enlarge

Hope this will be fun. Good luck to all of you. Can't wait to meet the winner.
Spot me spot me... Enjoy ^_^

Currently have 27 comments:

  1. how do u judge the winner if there are a few of the participants gave da' same answer at da' same time? hehe.answer my question on my shoutmix okay? :)

  2. I am interested to join this contest but I want to know the answer for my question above first.

  3. thx ea sbb jwb question i kt shoutmix i.hehe.sja nk suh u view page i snanye. :p

    my answer 4 dis contest:
    number 6.huhe. :)

  4. no 16..fuhh..harap-harap la kena..lalalala

  5. encik gajah..nape saya tak nampak gamba pon...

  6. tukar answer...13...dah ad orang jawab 2...

  7. nyahaha.. no correct answer yet but got some of you almost hit it.. too bad you guys cant post anymore.. give chance to the other ^_^ go go go..

  8. no 4..u almost drown..
    gajah cannot swim..ahaks..

  9. nak join!
    cikeju teka number 10..

  10. salam..
    mm.. my guess is 21

  11. Hmmm...i choose number's fun..hehe

  12. we have the winner here ^_^
    but I'll announce it tomorrow..
    stay tune

    -contest closed-

  13. Winner announced here


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