Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010 Schedule

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World Cup Fever Back!
Eight more days and World Cup 2010 South Africa will rock us!

Me myself can't wait to watch all the great match and still figure who will win the cup. And I'm sure you guys out there have your own team choice. In this post, I would like to share a World Cup 2010 Schedule including the Malaysia time.

Below this is the World Cup 2010 schedule that I upload using a MS Excel. Too bad, some format can't read by this hosting so it appear not like a real one. But you still can view the table. :)

All right, for those who can't view this table, or want to get a full version with superb look you can download this table with following link. (This is an auto table where once you put the score on every match, it will update the group table)

Detail of File:
1. Include Group Table with Team Picture
2. Picture and Name of Stadium
3. Maps Location of Stadium
4. Auto Update Table when you write down the match score.

Download here: (2.47 MB)

If you face any problem to download, please leave a comment. Thanks.. Ole Ole Ole!

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  1. i wait for Brazil vs Portugal :D

  2. ...uyeah..go go go Gli Azzurri...

  3. salam, tunggu game Brazil....

  4. Three Fifa World Cup 2010 matches must watch today #ned vs #den | #jpn vs #cmr | #ita vs #par to see the match schedule

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